Me, myself and I

I am me. This is my blog. I am male, 30/31or 32 years old (at the date of writing I can’t remember which but I think it’s 31), and am happily married. I’ve got 2 adorbable sons, one is 5 months old and the other is 2. I love them both more than blogs can express. I was born and live in England. My interests are cooking, eating, eating what I cooked, eating what others cooked, watching programmes about people cooking and eating etc… I also enjoy watching business reality shows, i.e. Dragon’s Den and The Apprentice. I love films but don’t get to watch too many of those nowadays. I like reading but it’s very rare that I find a book that I want to read or actually complete it. Generally I restrict reading to when I’m sitting on the potty, which is quite often. I am not a chef. Maybe if I wasn’t in my current profession that would have been a good choice. I like design and architecture but do not practice either of those… I just like watching. I love music, more composing than listening. I have a keyboard which is my favourite possession but don’t get much time to play it anymore. When I do play, I always have a 2 year old that makes me shift up on the seat so he can join in. I don’t mind though, it’s how he will learn to love music. We got him a drum a while back, which he was given this weekend. It’s noisy… very very noisy but, he seemed to enjoy playing with it. My littlest one received a small piano/xylophone this weekend (as a Christening gift from a friend). He seemed to like it but at 5 months old wasn’t quite sure what to do with it. Still, it has bright colours and seems to keep him amused and that’s what’s really important. So, this is me.. that’s who I am. Now… who are you?


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  • 1. Gurpreet Singh  |  September 24, 2008 at 4:57 am

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    Gurpreet Singh Mohie
    98145 – 61030


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