Tiger Woods 2009

I like this… the Jesus Shot (glitch) from Tiger Woods 2008 video posted by Levinator25 on Youtube and EA’s response…


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Bill Gates – Jerry Seinfeld – Second Microsoft Ad

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JetMan Live!

Wednesday, 12pm (UK) on National Geographic channel or at www.natgeotv.com/jetman

Watch the Yves Rossy (Jetman) fly across the channel… live!

Awesome! 🙂



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Hari Puttar

I was pleased to see that Warner Brothers lost their case against the makers of the Hari Puttar film. Whilst I really disagree with the film makers stating that the film had absolutely nothing to do with the J.K. Rowling books/movies (although, since they appear to have ripped off Home Alone.. it’s almost true), I’m still glad that WB lost purely and simply because well, as the film maker stated, “consumers who read the Harry Potter books, written by JK Rowling, were sufficiently educated to know that Hari Puttar was different.” The American film industry has been ripping off others for many years, it’s the same all over the world, countries rip each other off. In this case though, the Hari Puttar film, according to the trailer is a ridiculous piece of crap (which I’d still watch!) that is very much tongue in cheek and just … well, stupider than the Harold and Kumar films… if that’s possible. Oh.. I also detest J.K. Rowling. She’s so obesessed with protecting her IP which, when one considers how much money she’s made, is frankly ridiculous.

Here follows the Hari Puttar trailer as well as the (frankly much better) spoof one…

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Haunted House…

From Sky News..

Clifton House in Nottinghamshire

‘Haunted’ Clifton Hall in Nottinghamshire

Anwar Rashid, 32, described how he, his wife and their four young children lived in fear after they began hearing screams in the corridors shortly after moving into Clifton Hall.

They also claim to have seen apparitions and heard knocking on the wall of the 17-bedroom mansion in Nottinghamshire.

But it was the sight of blood spots on their 18-month-old son’s bed clothes that finally forced the family to abandon their luxury home, Mr Rashid said, comparing his experience to Nicole Kidman’s film The Others.

“We were like the family in The Others. The ghosts didn’t want us to be there and we could not fight them because we couldn’t see them,” he said.

“The day we moved in we had our first experience. We sat down in the evening to relax and there was a knock on the wall. We heard: ‘Hello, is anyone there?’

Anwar Rashid

Anwar Rashid says he was forced to leave his home

“We ignored it the first time but two minutes later we heard the man’s voice again. I got up to have a look but the doors were locked and the windows were closed.

“On another occasion my wife went downstairs to make milk for the baby at 5am and she saw our eldest daughter watching television.

“She said her name but she wouldn’t respond. My wife realised something was up, so she went back upstairs to check on her and found her fast asleep in her bed.

“When we found red blood spots on the baby’s quilt, that was the day my wife said she’d had enough. We didn’t even stay that night. It was the last straw, we felt that they had come to attack us. It was really emotional.”

Clifton Hall, which dates back to the Norman conquest, has 17 bedrooms, 10 reception rooms, 10 bathrooms, a gym and a cinema.

Mr Rashid, who is worth £25m and made his money through a chain of nursing homes, said: “I am now looking at a new property in Nottingham. I don’t think I will ever buy an old building again because of what has happened.”

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SKY+ Timeshift TV = No time

Like many people in the UK I have multichannel TV (SKY in my case) and a PVR.. SKY+. The service is generally good (except for some obvious bugs which they fail to fix) but, this post isn’t about SKY+ exactly it’s about how services such as this don’t allow us to rearrange TV around our lives so much as make us watch more TV.

In the days before I had SKY+ or freeview for that matter, I had just the 5 basic terrestrial channels. So, I’d watch TV maybe twice a week at most. There were only a few shows that I watched and that was that, plenty of time to do other things. Now, with SKY+ and specifically multi-channel TV I find that I record a lot more shows, films etc… which slowly fills up the box. So, in the olden days (so to speak) where there’d be some great times where I had nothing to watch and would then read a book, play a game, play some music or do something else… well, that just never occurs. With SKY+ (as their ads state), there’s always something to watch…. very very true. I hate that, I really do because when I’m faced with the option of reading a book or sitting like a lump and watching TV, generally the TV will win. Of course, I now have a  lot less free time than I did, I’ve got kids now for a start, I work longer hours etc… So, in general I watch one to two hours of TV a day and I only have about 2 hours of free time anyway. I wonder how PVRs have affected other people’s lives…

Incidentally, SKY are using Ross Kemp to advertise their SKY+ PVR. I don’t quite understand why. I know he’s one of their ‘talents’, i.e. his Gangs programme on SKY One but really, does the fact that Ross Kemp uses SKY+ make anyone else want to buy it? A man that comes across as a neanderthal who is (or was) married to the editor of the News of the World? WOW.. what a glowing reference for SKY+ that is. At least if they used the tagline, SKY+ – Even a caveman can use it… well, at least that would have been funny.

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Chessington – World of Adventures

It’s Wednesday today but I’m writing this post in advance. Right now… actually, in 2 hours from now (now being the posting time of this) unless the weather turns out to be awful (raining as opposed to cold) I’ll be at Chessington with some friends, my wife and our 2 kids. Hopefully it’ll be a nice day out. I’ve not been to Chessington since I was 18. I can honestly say that I’m not a big fan of rollercoasters or the g force rides. I love watching programmes about how they are constructed but, I don’t like experiencing them. Having said that, I’ve spent a lot of my summer at Legoland Windsor since we have season tickets for the kids. I’ve loved that but, of course, Legoland is a lot tamer than most places.

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