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Ripley’s London Odditorium, Psyhco House, Movieum of London and Fright Club London

I like weird and kooky stuff. A while back I went to London for the day with my wife, to see the Dali Exhibition at County Hall. It sucked.. it really was rubbish. However, that was more than made up for when we visited the Psycho House exibition at the Hayward Gallery. I kind of like architecture, and that place had some bizarre pieces of art. Now, personally, I normally detest modern art but, I guess it’s a case of each to their own. Anyway, the most interesting part of that exhibition was sailing on the roof of the Hayward Gallery. That sure was an awesome, if not odd experience. Sailing on the roof with the Millenium Wheel behind us. Strange.. very strange. We then went to see an exhibition of coral life…. well, knitted coral life. That was strange but, very pretty. After this we went and had some Brazilian food, another new experience for me. Wasn’t too bad. By the Southbank they had this amazing sound stage full of speakers into which LEDs were embedded. Hard to explain, I need to post a picture of it, I guess. After this we were about to go home but then ended up accidentally going into the Movieum of London… for free. An accident since we went in, I asked about a particular exhibition and they directed me. I followed the directions and then realised that we were inside this really cool exhibition into which we wouldn’t have bothered coming. Finally, as we were about to leave we got enticed to visit Fright Club London by a psychotic looking butcher. I figured.. well, may as well. Awesome. A live horror show in which a group of around 15 people are guided round a dark lab… and… well, go try it yourself.

So, based on that, I think Ripley’s London Odditorium will beĀ  a lot of fun!


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