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Me, Myself and I

I am me. This is my blog. I am male, 30/31or 32 years old (at the date of writing I can’t remember which but I think it’s 31), and am happily married. I’ve got 2 adorbable sons, one is 5 months old and the other is 2. I love them both more than blogs can express. My interests are cooking, eating, eating what I cooked, eating what others cooked, watching programmes about people cooking and eating etc… I also enjoy watching business reality shows, i.e. Dragon’s Den and The Apprentice. I love films but don’t get to watch too many of those nowadays. I like reading but it’s very rare that I find a book that I want to read or actually complete it. Generally I restrict reading to when I’m sitting on the potty, which is quite often. I am not a chef. Maybe if I wasn’t in my current profession that would have been a good choice. I like design and architecture but do not practice either of those… I just like watching. I enjoy music, more so composing and playing as opposed to listening. I completed 8 grades in the violin and 5 in piano. But, that’s classical stuff, and that doesn’t interest me. I like all kinds of music but, these days when I go to play the piano, a little almost 3 year old asks me to shift up so that he can bang about on the piano. I don’t mind though because, it’s the way he will learn to love music. This past weekend we gave him a toy drum as his brother had received a xylaphone/piano as a Christening gift… the drum is loud, oh so loud. Well, I guess that was obvious, right? What else… hmmm, I have no idea what else to write right now but.. well, that’s who I am… but, the real question is, who are you ?


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